December 24, 2012

Anti-Gun Advocates are in Bed with Hollywood

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Anti-Gun Advocates are in Bed with HollywoodLiberal Democrats who are advocating more gun control in the wake of the school shooting in Connecticut, speak with a fork tongue.

These people are in bed with Hollywood, the real root of the problem.

A very wise person once wrote:

“[Mass murder shooting] victims [whether young or old] are nothing but collateral damage in the eyes of Hollywood Film producers and the movie industry. As far as they are concerned, they have an absolute right to continue cranking out horribly violent entertainment regardless of how many mass murder events take place because of Hollywood’s unlimited greed for more and more of your money.”

Of course, makers of violent video games have blood on their hands too. Adam reportedly spent too much time playing video games.

And, if you were to dig into Adam Lanza’s medical history, I would be willing to bet that Adam had a long history of taking psychotropic prescription medication. These horrible drugs cause young people to do inexplicable, insane things.