January 6, 2013

Schools Should Be Armed

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Schools Should Be ArmedWhile a lot can be said about installing strong front doors in schools, arming the schools with weapons should NOT be overlooked.

No matter how strong a door is built, a determined crazy person could still overcome it. What happens, for example, if somebody pulls up to the front door with a van packed with explosives? Half of the entire school building would be literally vaporized.

But for those rare occasions when somebody tries to shoot their way into a school building, having the front desk personnel armed with assault weapons and thoroughly trained in their use; could be intelligently used to neutralized these kind of threats or at least occupy potential mass murderers until the police finally arrive.

Of course, no matter what you do, no one can protect against all possibilities. At least this way, instead of paying for armed security guards who in all reality would not accomplish anything, these security people would still be expected to function in other capacities other than merely looking menacing. Arming the schools as a realistic solution would be doable and relatively easy to implement. In addition, the costs would be minimal.

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