January 27, 2013

Republicans – The Stupid Party

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 Republicans - The Stupid PartyLouisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal delivered the keynote address in the recent Republican National Committee winter meeting in Charlotte, NC that articulated a bold new vision for the GOP.

Somebody must have read this Blog. Gov. Jindal made five key points worth remembering.

  • “We must stop being the stupid party.”
  • “It’s time for a new Republican Party that talks like adults.”
  • “We must stop insulting the intelligence of voters.”
  • “America is not the federal government.”
  • “We must stop looking backward.”

Just about everything that Mitt Romney did doing the election was just plain stupid, if NOT crazy. Mitt seemed intent upon pissing off just about every major voting block in the country. How can the Republicans ever win an election when their primary campaign strategy is to alienate all the voters?

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Why do Republicans consistently fail to win elections? Could it be that both the candidates and the heart and soul of the Republican Party are just plain stupid?



  1. idebenone said,

    What are the options for those conservative leaders who aspire to more than permanent stalemate? Well, that would require acknowledging that moderates are a significant fraction of the electorate, and that the GOP can’t win an election simply by mobilizing its base. And the first step toward attracting more moderates is simply to stop repelling them. I’m sure it gives conservatives great emotional satisfaction to drive away potential Republicans who don’t agree with every aspect of conservative dogma, from gun control to creationism to the notion that global warming is a conspiracy fomented by the scientific community. I’m sure it’s also thrilling to replace boring but electable moderates like Mike Castle with exciting but unelectable extremists like Christine O’Donnell (or Sharron Angle, or Todd Akin, or Richard Mourdock….) But it’s stupid politics, and the GOP professionals know it. The fact that they can’t do anything about it shows how the tail has come to wag the dog.

    • John Gohde said,

      Sadly, politicians are NOT the only people who are stupid.

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