May 28, 2013

Bomber Suspect Goes Bye-Bye

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Bomber Suspect Goes Bye-ByeGrant Acord, a 17-year-old West Albany, Oregon High School student has been arrested.

This fool was initially charged with possession and manufacturing destructive devices, according to the Albany Police Department. More charges are expected to be made against Grant.

The police allegedly found explosives hidden under the floor of his bedroom including pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, napalm bombs and explosives made from drain cleaner along with a diagram and maps of the school, weapons, and an explosives check list. Reportedly, they also searched the high school twice, but found nothing.

Thankfully the authorities were alerted to the case by a tip from a 911 caller.

This Columbine obsessed fool should be rightfully convicted as charged and have his life throw away, for good.

Why would any rational person contemplate such an insane course of action at this point in time? A history of psycho-tropic medication is the only rational explanation possible. Just don’t expect established journalists to ever report against Big Pharma in the news media. Too many people are making money off of our youth being routinely drugged.

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