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What Google Customer Service for Webmasters Did To Me

John H. Gohde went naively to the Google Webmaster Help group seeking SEO help on his natural health website. Frustrated with the pathetically bad customer service being given out on this forum, he posted the following statement.

John has reproduced the entire thread on this website, just in case somebody at Google deletes the thread.

John H. Gohde invites the public to read just how the Trolls of this Google Group which are Google’s de facto Customer Service department for Webmasters responded to this straight to the point and objective criticism of their customer service efforts. And, see how the moderator of this Google group did absolutely nothing about the specific individuals who clearly violated his rights, by any standard.

Webmasters of the world, John H. Gohde warns, the same thing could happen to you.

Statement by John H. Gohde

From: johngohde@natural…
Date: Mon, Nov 20 2006 7:46 am
Subject: What has this Google Group done for me?
John H. Gohde
Droogie was used in a derogatory
sense and refers to the movie: Clockwork Orange. If this message was written today, I would have called them Google Customer Service Trolls.
While I talk about a lot of stuff that only applied to my website, Google’s Customer Service Trolls offer everybody just a lot of nonsense, misinformation, bad advice, and criticisms about web page design, and non-validating code.
I was not trying to pick a fight with anybody on this Google group. I
was simply reporting on my observations, especially on how
the Google Customer Service Trolls operate.
I cannot say that a Google sitemap has ever benefited any of my websites. And, W3C Validation will only correct a few obscure display bugs. In my opinion, fooling around with both is a good way to waste a heck of a lot of time.

What has this Google Group done for me?

Since June 2006, I have NOT received from here any advice at all that was worth a hoot! The only good advice that I ever got from this group was to change my hosting provider so that Google would accept a sitemap from me. Yep, that advice was actually more evidence of a definite bias towards sitemaps, here. I found this group, by way of actually trying to use Google’s Webmasters Tools.

Nobody here convinced me to use validated code. That suggestion came from precisely one MSN webmaster help web page. As well as some heated discussions on another newsgroup. But, once my web page templates were validated 100%. And, I had started to load validated code, I was told here that my web pages did not validate by a couple of Google Droogies. How nice? And, how stupid of them?

Nobody convinced me to use CSS. I did that on my own. Nobody on any group or newsgroup told me how to fix the FireFox browser CSS problem. My style sheets validated 100%, yet FireFox was ignoring them! I figured that out on my own by studying the style sheet actually used by a CSS web page tutorial. No body here told me how to suppress carriage returns with CSS. I asked that question on a CSS group and got the CORRECT answer within one hour. Nobody on this group has ever given me the correct solution to a particular SEO problem, here. Just the dumb, add more compelling and ever changing content advice nonsense!!!

Nobody here told me what web page design would actually improve my Keyword placement in Google. I figured that out on my own by observing the behavior of Google, regarding two different web pages that I had ORIGINALLY CREATED for Wikipedia on the same topic ( i.e., wellness). My design theories were confirmed by two web pages that I found in Microsoft Office’s online training for FrontPage. After having enough faith in my design, I waited about 5 weeks for Google to finally respond favorably. All you people did was to give me a lot of negative feedback while I anxiously waited for Google to respond. How nice of you? Then you pretended that I still did NOT know what I was talking about. How typical of SEO Droogies?

Most certainly, nobody here told me about what constitutes designing for Accessibility. And, from what I have observed nobody here has a clue about how to achieve good Accessibility. I added Accessibility to my web page design over 5 years ago. And, after converting to a basic CSS font replacement design (but definitely not 100%, and definitely NOT tables) Netscape Navigator version 4.08 and other CSS challenged web browsers can still navigate and actually read and ACCESS all of my informational content. But, what I have gotten from this Google Group is a lot of misinformation and criticism of my web page design, even though it is currently placing me in the top 10 for my Keyword in Google. Google’s Webmaster Tools actually states that I have been averaging #9 for my keyword with FULL ACCESSIBILITY implementation. 🙂

Sorry to break your bubble, but Eye Candy and Accessibility for the handicapped, visually impaired, and non-English speaking visitors to your web sites is mutually exclusive. 🙂

What I have observed is that SEO Droogies take special delight in subjecting naive people to their SEO Treatment. In other worlds, SEO Droogies just love to jerk people around wasting their time. They wont give you a straight answer. And, they will never under any circumstances tell you what the CORRECT solution for a particular web page actually is.

And, on this particular Google group Sitemaps followed by W3C Validation is used to cure all that ails a web site. 😦

YES, compared to what I have seen here. My web page design, level of validation errors, and level of achieved SEO is light years ahead of many web developers. YET, all I have gotten from the Google / SEO Droogies is a lot of nonsense, misinformation, bad advice, and criticisms about my web page design, and non validating code!!!

You people need to get real. You, do NOT know what you are talking about most of the time. That is what I know for sure. 🙂

john gohde

The message thread that spawn from John H. Gohde’s original statement clearly violated his rights as a webmaster seeking customer service from Google on a number of different levels, by any definition of the term. In short, John was publicly wronged on this Nov 2006 thread.

John has already briefly outlined what happened to him on Igor the Troll’s travel agency forum.

“But to wrap up this thread, we see the Google Customer Service Trolls as a group:

    1. Passing judgment on websites.
    2. Passing judgments on individuals.
    3. Acting as the police, judge, and executioner of whoever they decide to attack out of their inherent evilness.
    4. All on the basis of gossip, opinion, hearsay, just plain mushy-thinking, and mob rule.

We, also, see Adam Lasnik, the Google head moderator, allowing his flock of Google Customer Service Trolls to get away with it.”

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