Human Behavior Is Pretty Nasty

What is so great about human behavior, asks John H. Gohde?

Human behavior is pretty nasty to begin with.

And, that is especially true in America. Just look at the popularity of reality television. All the public wants to watch on television is somebody being dumped upon.

America lives to see the next person voted off the island. So, that they can see somebody fall completely apart making a public spectacle of themselves. That tells me something about the mindset of people who support tabloid journalism.

I am true to myself, and I really do NOT care at all what somebody who lives for tabloid journalism thinks about anything.

The public overwhelmingly wants everything now, if not yesterday. Well, sorry to break your bubble but that kind of mindset does not jell well with the philosophy of natural health.

So, I am not the least bit apologetic about being extremely selective about who I associate with. The vast majority of regular posters to any Internet Forum suffer from mental health problems. Nor, do they generally have a clue as to what they are talking about.

Of course, human behavior being what it is: Most Trolls do not like having their cover blown by me. Naturally, their response is to classify me as a troll. Ergo, that pretty much explains my reputation of being a notorious Internet Troll.

People do NOT want the truth. They want to be surrounded by YES people, even if it ends up killing them. They want enablers who will support them in their perverted lifestyle and wacky insane health ideas. These are the same people who will marvel at Anna Nicole Smith and will accept her death at age 39 as being perfectly normal. To them, there is no rhyme or reason as to why some live and others die.

Sorry, to break your bubble, if that is you, but I would have to give you my condolences.


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