January 12, 2009

Casey Anthony: Family Dynamics

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A pathological liar like Casey Anthony is simply not created overnight in a vacuum. It is the end result of being raised in a dysfunctional family environment. Her parents Cindy and George Anthony enabled Casey to use lying as an effective coping mechanism. For Casey, lying was how she managed to deal with an impossible situation that was created by her parents.
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December 30, 2008

Police Botched Caylee Anthony Investigation

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The skeletal remains of a small child were found one-quarter mile from the Anthony home exactly where Caylee’s remains should have been found all along. Everything about the discovery of the little girl’s body by a meter reader is extremely fishy, starting with the fact that the same person to the day reported spotting a suspicious bag back in August.
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December 28, 2008

Casey Anthony Gone Bad

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The story of Caylee Anthony, deceased 3 year old, has been a tragedy all around. The cast of characters and the details of this case could go on forever. Something so totally unnecessary to begin with is resulting in tons of money being spent because of undeserving Casey Anthony while most other crime victims are being passed over almost completely by the news media.
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