What Is In A Post?

Every time anybody makes one post on an Usenet newsgroup that posts gets archived in countless other Internet forums that serve no purpose whatsoever than to repeat what other people have written on an Usenet newsgroup.

What is in a Post? Asks John Gohde

Posting on a Google Group is hardly much better. Posts on these groups end up in some 40 different editions of Google groups.

Why? So that they can sell advertisement to some sucker. These advertisers are fools since nobody but nobody actually reads these old posts. Reading old posts in these archives is like reading an old newspaper.

People are generally in an Usenet newsgroup to begin with becuase they do not know how to research questions on the Internet. Using these old forum archives to research questions is a skill that most people do not have. Also, there is a very high noise to content ratio on these forums. It is very hard to separate truth from the garbage that is mostly on these forums.

In my opinion, posting feeds of all types should be banned entirely on the Internet. Feeds and other duplicate content are nothing but a blight upon the Web. 😦


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