January 12, 2013

Shoot Him Again!

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Paul Slater - Shoot Him Again!Husband tells his wife to shoot the burglar again, as a responsible gun owner, in an Atlanta, Georgia home invasion.

With good timing, a perfect example of responsible gun ownership turns up just as the government attempts to violate the public’s constitutional right to gun ownership and use.

Not only are these criminal types stupid, they are extremely vicious. If it is either them, or me. It is going to be them that gets shot rather than me, every time. These criminals will kill you, for just a few hundred dollars worth of loot. They, also, are known for killing defenseless store clerks, out of pure meanness.

Georgia Mother Shoots Home Intruder

Of course, the Hermans better be prepared to spend some money defending themselves in court. No jury, however, would convict a mother for defending her children from a burglar. Furthermore, there is ample evidence that Paul Slater exhibited evil intent by going out of his way to follow them into their attic.

Still, I would rather be in one piece as a responsible gun owner than leave my fate up to the whim of some crazy and stupid criminal.

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