May 29, 2013

Johnny Depp as Tonto

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Has Johnny Depp finally lost it?Has Johnny Depp finally lost it?

I am sorry, but the image of Depp running around with a stuffed bird on his head is more than I can bear without falling on the floor, laughing my head off. To make it in today’s acting business, having more than a few screws loose seems to entitle the latest crop of movie stars to make millions of dollars a movie. Is reality more than our youth can bare, now a days?

The Lone Ranger and Tonto, of course, was NEVER real. But can we please honor the original Hollywood plot lines?

Having practically destroyed the genre of pirate movies that I had grew up on, by turning the concept of the role played by buccaneers in American history into nothing but a fantasy farce, Depp now feels the need to move onto our American cowboy icons.

What will be next? Will Marshall Dillon become a Ninja warrior?

UPDATE: Johnny Depp as Tonto

The Lone Ranger has earned, as of July 17, 2013, a worldwide total of $122,531,313 with an estimated $375 million cost to produce and market. Further, the film has received numerous negative reviews from film critics.

One can only wonder why a more believable ethnic actor was not cast as Tonto. Is Depp so hard up for work that he had to steal one of the few roles available to ethnic actors?

Again, if you are going to disrespect the Lone Ranger and Tonto original story line, why bother to even make the movie?

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