Nobody Squeals Louder Than A Troll!

Nobody squeals louder than a Troll, who has been exposed by John H. Gohde for what they are.

And, that pretty much explains that hate blogger. For all the recent hate posting about my so called abusive behavior is coming from just one person. That hateful blogger is nothing but a Troll that was exposed on the Google Webmasters Help group for being what he is.

Prior to that hate blog, there have been a very large number of anti-alternative medicine bigots who think that I lack the academic background to be writing on natural health. Sorry, but I hate to inform you bigots that I have never ever claimed to have a degree, let alone an advanced degree in science. In fact, if anything is true, I have been actively bragging about my total lack of a science background.

My qualifications have always been made freely available to the public, by me. Somehow, they always squeal in delight when they find my background information that has always been provided by me. Being an academic, they actually believe that ONLY they have enough brain power to find this information. Obviously they think that nobody else is smart enough to think for themselves. Academic liberals have utter contempt for anybody do who does NOT belong to their academic club. 😦

Nobody squeals louder than a Troll. Hear somebody complain loudly about me being a notorious Internet Troll, or being abusive, and you are hearing an Internet Troll squeal because they were exposed by me for being what they truly are.



  1. Look at how the Hate Blogger squeals on each of his hate posts. The Hate Blog is nothing but squealing from an Internet Troll.

  2. ANTAWNGOB said,

    My name is Jessika!

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