February 25, 2013

Hollywood Movie Inspired Murder of Family

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Jake Evans murdered both his mother and younger sister.A 17-year-old Hollywood manufactured monster shoots members of his family, dead, in a grisly crime.

Jake Evans made a four page written confession that the Hollywood 2007 film “Halloween” inspired him to kill both his mother and younger sister.

Evans went on to claim that he had spent the earlier part of October, last year, watching the film several times while contemplating the murder of his family members.

The saddest part of this senseless tragedy is that before it is all over, the state of Texas will have spent millions of taxpayer’s dollars before they will have finally executed this worthless excuse for a human being.

What we have here is a firm confirmation of the fact that Hollywood is responsible in large part for the recent wave of violent murders in America. Before violating our Constitutional rights, perhaps our politicians should be taking a hard look at Hollywood’s proclivity for horror and violent movies?

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