Exposing the Real Truth about John H. Gohde

 Made in America

Made in America

My name, John H. Gohde, has been appearing all over the Internet, mostly on internet forums, for a very long time.

While I would rather have remained anonymous, I was very comfortable with the fact that if people wanted to waste their time researching these very old Internet forum posts of mine, then they were free to do so. However, at the start of the year 2007 a hate web site started appearing that was being promoted as Exposing the Real Truth about John H. Gohde.

This site is set up to prove that I can do a better job of telling my own story in my own words, both for FREE and FOREVER, than that other hate web site.

John H. Gohde is here to announce to the entire world that he owns his own name, even in the search engine result pages.

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