April 18, 2009

LuAnn de Lesseps is No Countess

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Something has been bugging John about the Countess Luann de Lesseps for a long time. Luann appears as a regular on the reality television program called the Real Housewives of New York City on the Bravo network. Does somebody actually have to tell the Native American that America has no royalty?

Europe has royalty, but America certainly does not. There are no titles in front of people’s names because of their birth status, in America. And, that goes double for titles achieved by marriage. Now that your Count has dumped you, you are not even a Countess by marriage any longer, Luann.

John H. Gohde agrees completely with Jill. How does one automatically obtain class simply by an act of marriage? If anything, LuAnn the soon to be former Countess de Lesseps obtained an air of snobbery by her 16 year old marriage to a real Count.

Unable to keep her man happy, the low-class Countess got dumped by email. What? Doesn’t the Countess Luann de Lesseps rate a hand written letter? Obviously, even the real Count has grown tired of her snobbery. Unable to teach her man how to do the right thing, she has been proclaiming to America that she has class because of her royal title by marriage.

Don’t you think that the Countess Luann de Lesseps is more than a little bit confused?



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  2. JANET said,

    You know what i find most annoying about mrs. De lesseps she does not know how to sit. The first thing i learned when i went to finishing school was now to sit correctly.
    A lady never crosses her legs. She was on television last week and she had her legs crossed and it really looked bad. She is has no class. She needs a few in manners lessons herself.
    She was married to some old man that dumped her. I knew when i hear her say on television that her husband is away for six months. He must be with someone else. She is an embarrassment.

    • bitchplease said,

      OMG Janet, that was my observation! if she wishes, she can cross her ankels but should not cross her legs. She likes to espouse that she comes from a large family CT, but if I remember correctly, her family are construction / cement workers?

  3. Rebecca said,

    She is a bully, has no class or manners, and talks over everyone around her. One of the more rude and classless of all the housewives…

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